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Metal Free Fillings in Fresno, CA

Fillings restore damaged teeth and help prevent further decay. Teeth may need a filling if they have been damaged by cavities, decay, gum disease, or injury. Fillings can also repair teeth that have been worn down from nail biting or teeth grinding. Dr. Castillo performs metal free fillings for patients in Fresno, CA. He works to make patients feel comfortable and at ease while in the dental chair.
Fillings Procedure
To begin, Dr. Castillo will numb the area around the affected tooth. A drill will then remove the decayed area of the tooth. Once the decay has been entirely removed, the tooth is cleaned of bacteria and debris. Tooth-colored material is then applied in layers and a special light hardens each layer. Dr. Castillo will then test the filling for fit and that your bite is functioning properly.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Since they match the teeth, they can also be used to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth. These types of fillings also bond to the tooth structure, providing added durability. Less tooth structure needs to be removed to place tooth-colored fillings compared to silver fillings.
How Do I Know If I Need A Filling?
Only a dentist can detect a cavity and decide if you need a filling. However, if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain and have not seen a dentist in a while, you should make an appointment with Dr. Castillo for a checkup.
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If you have a cavity or chipped or broken teeth, contact Dr. Castillo for a consultation to discuss metal free fillings. Dr. Castillo has been filling cavities and repairing worn teeth for over a decade. He will work with you to achieve a beautiful, metal free, and natural looking smile. Call 559-221- 0302 or request an appointment online today!

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