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Tooth Implant Dentistry with Dr. Luis Castillo
Though dental care has improved immensely, many Americans still suffer from tooth loss. Tooth decay, gum disease, or injury lead to missing teeth and gaps between teeth. Dentures used to be the only option for missing teeth but with a success rate around 98 percent, dental implants are a great option for those with missing teeth who are healthy enough for oral surgery.
Used to replaced one tooth or a set of missing teeth, many patients prefer dental implants to other tooth loss solutions because they look and feel like natural teeth. The greatest benefit to implants, however, is that they do not require invasive alterations to surrounding teeth. Because they can stand alone, neighboring teeth are left healthy and untouched.
Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental implants offer improved function and look when compared to bridges and dentures, including:
- Appearance – dental implants look, feel, and fit like natural teeth, so no one will know they aren’t real.
- Speech and Eating – because dental implants are permanent, they do not slip while speaking or eating. Patients also like that they are permanent so they don’t have to remove them to clean them or eat.
- Durability – with proper care, dental implants can last forever, compared to five to seven years for dental bridges.
- Oral health – other prosthetic solutions require reducing the other teeth. Implants leave surrounding teeth intact and fully functional. And as an added bonus – implants can’t get cavities!
- Comfort – patients report dental implants are more comfortable than removable dentures. They are also more predictable due to their reliable, long-term results and 98 percent patient satisfaction.
- A beautiful face – dental implants help support and maintain the natural look of your face. Missing teeth can cause your face to sag and appear sunken and older.
Dental Implant Process
Dr. Castillo will develop an individualized treatment plan to address your specific needs. A tiny post made of titanium will be placed in the gum and over the next several months, the implant will integrate with the jawbone. Once the implant has bonded to the gums, another post will be placed to securely hold the tooth. A new tooth or teeth will be made of an impression of your teeth.
The replacement tooth or crown will then be attached to the post. The new teeth will be made to match the color of your natural teeth and will look, feel, and act just as a normal tooth. The result is a natural and beautiful looking smile.
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